October 17, 2008

PREVIEW: Europe Vacation 2008

We’re back since last Saturday. Walter and I had a great time in France and Italy with my college friend/classmate, Sheila and her mom. We were tired from miles and miles of walking but we enjoyed every moment of our trip. When we were planning the trip, Sheila chose a country where I haven’t been to – Italy. But I told her, she shouldn’t miss Paris and I wanted to go back anyway so the itinerary became Italy and Paris. I love France. I love the romantic city Paris popularly called the city of lights. I will never get tired of going to Paris again and again. In fact, I dream of living in Paris even for just a few months. In Italy, we went to six major destination cities/towns including Florence, Siena, Pisa, Assisi, Rome and Vatican.

We accumulated almost 8GB of photos (average of 3-5 MB per photo) excluding those taken from Sheila’s personal camera. I am done downloading the photos to my computer but I haven’t really sorted them. I also have some video footage though I was not able to cover the entire trip. It’s difficult to read guide books/maps, enjoy the sights, be cautious with your belongings and take videos at the same time - not to mention the herds of tourists around and maybe some pick-pockets. To enjoy our trip, I decided to just concentrate in sightseeing though I felt a little bit of regret not being able to take more videos like I did in 2oo6 and my own photos. I relied on my husband to take the photos because he is the better photographer between us and he has a better camera (Nikon D300 with different lenses, wide and zoom) but I felt I should have taken my own photos for blogging purposes. You know how other blogger share every detail of their trip including a photo of the bus stop or the ticket booth? I am afraid my blog entries will lack those details but definitely I will post many beautiful photos taken by my husband and I will share as much information as I could. Right now, I’m still quite overwhelmed with the loads of photos and information I’d like to share with you so for now, let me first give a preview of the cities/places we visited.


Paris, France
Above is a night shot of Eiffel Tower, one of the famous sights in France. We were surprised that it has blue lighting now (it used to be gold) and it has the European Union's circle of gold stars. Walter and I went to the sights we haven't been to before. We also revisited some sights with Sheila and her mom.


Florence (Tuscany, Italy)
This is the Duomo (Santa Maria del Fiore) - Florence's Cathedral. Florence (Italian: Firenze, Old Italian: Fiorenza, Latin: Florentia), is the capital of Tuscany Region of Italy. It is the cultural capital of the world, home of renaissance and the birthplace of modern world. In Florence, we visited great museums, churches and monuments.

Siena (Tuscany)

Siena (Tuscany, Italy)

Above is the Palazzo Pubblico located, in a square called Il Campo. Siena is a town in the Tuscany region. The color of the square and its buildings is a color known to Crayola users as "burnt siena."

Assisi (Umbria)

Assisi (Umbria, Italy)

This is the St. Francis Basilica. Assisi is a town in Umbria Region of Italy. It is the birthplace of St. Francis and St. Clare (founder of Poor Clare).

Pisa (Tuscany)

Pisa (Tuscany, Italy)
Above is the Leaning Tower, one of the known sights in Italy and the Duomo (Cathedral). The leaning tower is actually the bell tower of the cathedral.


Rome (Lazio, Italy)

This is the Colosseo (real name: Flavian Amphitheater) ruins in Rome where gladiator contests are held. Aside from Colosseo, we also went to other interesting sites and museums.

Vatican City

Vatican City

Above is the St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City. I guess it is every Catholic's dream to visit Vatican. We also visited the Vatican museum and Sistine Chapel and attended the papal audience.

Which of the places above would you like to visit?


GingGoy said...

i'd love to visit them all...mahal lang kasi lalo na in these trying times. looks like when you renew your passport, you will change your blog title :P

you got your new domain, will update my links :P

Nina said...

Yap, I bought a domain. Thanks for the link. Well, I am thinking about that passport thing because the new one is already maroon...

Rio said...

wow..ngayon ko lang nakita na kulay blue ang light ng eiffel tower..very nice..
kakainngit nama po ang pinupunthan nyong mga lugar...

thanks for sharing it with us..
thank i nga din po pala sa pagdalaw sa aking maliit na blog..hehe..balik po kau minsan ulit dun..

JO said...

I love the shot of Eiffel tower... I wish I could visit that place someday!

Coriander Dreams said...

I would love to go to Tuscany with my hubby!! Rent a whole villa and stay for a week! Lovely!!