October 13, 2007


If you visit United States (as non-immigrants), you will be issued I-94 card. This I-94 card must be returned upon leaving United States, otherwise your departure will not be recorded and you will be included in the list of over staying persons.

I-94 is a small green or white card given to all non-immigrants
when they enter the United States. The I-94 card serves as evidence that a non-immigrant has entered the country legally. It is stamped with a date indicating how long the non-immigrant may stay for that particular trip. It is this date--and not the expiration date of the visa--that controls how long a non-immigrant can remain in the United States. A new I-94 card with a new date is issued each time the non-immigrant legally enters the United States.
It's a long a story but we failed to return our I-94 card. As soon as I found out about it, I immediately search the net what to do. If you fail to return your I-94, you must send it back along with documents that can prove your departure from United States (e.g. boarding passes and arrival stamp to the passport) at the following address:

1084 South Laurel Road,
London, KY 40744
To confirm that departure have been recorded, you may write at this address:
Customs and Boarder Protection
1300 Pennsylvania Ave.
Room 5.4.D
Washington Dc 22209
Attn: Passenger Operations
For more detailed information visit this site.
It's a tedious process. Make sure that you return your I-94 card when leaving United States.


Anonymous said...

does an immigrant visa needs to fill up anything in the plaine to give to the immigration officer upon arrival to the us?

Nina said...

sorry for very late response. Honestly, I'm not sure. You can ask the flight attendants. Before landing, flight attendants will give the I-94 cards and other types card such as those to be filled out by residents of countries who can enter US without pre-approved visa.