October 26, 2007

eTicket and Qatar Airways Online Booking Experience

Update as of October 20, 2008

During our recent trips, I didn't have any problems with Qatar Airways e-ticket. But they sometimes ask for the credit card used in buying tickets. Qatar airways do not issue paper ticket anymore. If you plan to fly with Qatar Airways, you can book tickets directly from their website.

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In my previous entry, I talked about the convenience of booking tickets on-line. The round trip airfare I purchased from Travelocity for someone else, didn't have any problems. The person was able to come and exit Qatar smoothly. If he comes back in December as planned, I will again book and purchase tickets online.

However, my husband had a different experience. When we booked the ticket at Qatar Airways, we knew that he has to present the credit card used for online payment. This requirement is rather unusual. This means you cannot purchase a ticket online for someone else like what I did above. But then I guess, this is to prevent fraudulent credit card transactions.

My husband didn't have problems during check-in at Qatar Airport. However, at NAIA, he was required to produce a valid ID other than his passport. Then, he had to wait because the counter staff had to photocopy his ID somewhere in a remote corner. This extra step delayed the check-in process. Honestly, I find the presentation of second ID really ridiculous. A passport is one of the most widely accepted form of identification. He even had an OEC from POEA. Why do they need to complicate simple things? It's clear in the Qatar Airways website that credit card used to purchase the ticket must be presented. I think, a second ID and photocopying are over-kill. Booking online is supposed to provide convenience but if the check-in process will be complicated, I wouldn't book my ticket online for our next trip. I wasn't even thinking of flying Qatar Airways. I'm just not satisfied with the service ( aside from online booking problem). I don't think they are a five star airline as they claim to be.


docemdy said...

The same thing happened to me when I travelled last June via PAL. They had to get my credit card and show it to supervisor for approval, even if I had the receipt of the online transaction and e-ticket. I did not experience the same with Northwest and Cebu Pacific. I only showed them my credit card and e-ticket and I was immediately checked in.

BTW, thanks for visiting my site.

-Lei- said...

Your travel blog is so informative. Dami kong natutunan.

Nina said...

Hi Lei. Thanks for visiting ;) I'm glad you learned something.

Unknown said...

Yeah...they are quite cumbersome. I was missing the purchase receipt of my travel since I needed to provide it to Lufthansa (their partner airline) to redeem my miles. But there was no way I'd reach them. They don't answer phones, don't reply to voicemail or faxes or emails. I dont know what to do...I spent hundreds of dollars.

Nina said...

Hi Richa, I can imagine your frustration. Qatar Airways office in the Philippines and even here in Doha is very difficult to reach. I guess next time, you should save a PDF copy of your purchase receipt if you receive it electronically or be careful with your hard copy. Btw, thanks for visiting!