August 31, 2007

Random Security Check at JFK NY

When we arrived in the US, I was worried that we might be refused entry because we came from the middle east, etc. After passing through the immigration without any problem, all my worries went away. Little did I know that our departure would not be as smooth as the arrival. In fact, I would describe it as unforgettable and traumatic.

For some reason, we were selected for random security check during our departure at JFK NY airport. While we were lined-up, the security officer checked our passports and boarding passes. Then, we were asked to go to the "special lane." We thought it was some kind of "fast-lane" for passengers who are due for boarding soon. But we were so wrong! It was indeed a special lane but intended for people who are chosen to undergo thorough security check. Bags were swiped with round sheets of filter-like paper and these are run through gas chromatographs. I was so scared even if I am confident that they will not find any illegal substance from our things. But, what if somebody planted some drugs in our bags? It was very traumatic!

The security officer even took out the contents of my carry-on bag. This time, she was shocked to see all the shoes I hoarded during my NY shopping spree. Words cannot describe the disbelief in her face when she found at least 20 pairs of shoes from my bag. I wonder if she knows Imelda? My boss remembered Imelda when I told him what happened at JFK!

I thought there will be no more problems until the time we were about to take off. We were stucked on the runway for 3 hours!!! According to the pilot, the delay was caused by the change of wind direction. I realized how busy JFK airport is, when the pilot announced that the plane is already lined-up for take off but there were 50 planes before us! *sigh*

Will I still go back to New York? Of course, there's no doubt about that!

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