May 31, 2007

Travel Insurance, Packing and Other Preparation

Here are some thoughts for our US Trip...

Travel Insurance
When we applied for Schengen Visa last year, we were required to purchase a travel insurance. I found out that it's very affordable with very good benefits. This time, I also purchased a travel insurance. The cost is $40 valid up to to 20 days. If travelling elsewhere, the cost of travel insurance is $30 for the same duration. The insurance will cover medical expenses incurred while travelling and repatriation in case of illness or death. It may sound morbid it's better to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

Cash/Credit Cards
I lost my card wallet (I really don't know if I lost it or someone took it from me) when we went to Paris in 2006. Being a card wallet, it contains all my local credit cards and identification cards in Qatar. It was a disaster. I had to spend for overseas calls to cancel those cards and the replacement fees - I don't want to remember anymore. The time and effort required to personally fill out and sign forms - I surely learned my lessons.

To avoid similar incident, I'll only bring the necessary cards. Definitely, I'll bring a credit card but I don't see the need to bring additional identification cards other than our passports. I find the use of credit card to be very convinient in settling hotel and other bills plus I don't like bringing a lot of cash with me. However, I'll make sure that this time my credit card and cash will be secured throughout our trip.

Packing Light
We haven't started packing yet. I am not planning to bring a lot of clothes as I plan t o shop there. Let's see what happens. While my goal is always to pack light, I always end-up with more stuff than planned.

Planning our Activities
I haven't really planned anything but I listed all the attractions I want to visit. I'm not sure how much we can cover in a week's time but I hope to see as much we could!

I'll keep you posted about our adventure.

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