May 29, 2007

Planning our First US Trip

We are off to US in a few days. Our point of landing is Austin, Texas where I'll attend a symposium in Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR). My husband has his own plans but has not finalized anything yet. He is supposed to visit a colleague in Houston and he might visit their parent company's petrochemical plant, also in Houston. He is also crazy about NBA and he is hoping to have an opportunity to watch a game.

I'll be in the symposium for three whole days so I don't have much chance to go around Austin and honestly, when I did a little research on the net, I didn't find anything interesting or any famous place/ landmark which can be considered as a "must see" attraction. My colleague told me that there's really nothing interesting in Austin but it would be good to visit and go around Texas A&M University. Now, that's interesting - I'll definitely visit Texas A&M. My boss told me to also visit Alamo but it was in San Antonio!- 2 to 3-hour drive from Austin so chances are - I won't be able to. I'm interested to visit the NASA Space Center, which is in Houston. Now, that needs planning - maybe I can meet my husband in Houston on the 4th day, which is a free day for me. But most probably, I'll just stay in Austin and content myself with whatever attraction they have.

From Austin, we'll fly to New York to visit my friend Jo Anne. I haven't done any research on New York but I bought a Travel Guide, which I haven't read yet. I am planning to go through it in the plane while enduring a long and boring flight. This will be the longest flight in the history of my travel and I really get cranky during long flights and it makes me sick at times.

Hmmmm....I'm excited about New York because I'll be seeing my best friend after two long years. In the history of our more than two decades of friendship, this is the longest time we've been apart from each other. Aside from seeing her (and her husband) and visiting "must see" attractions in New York, I look forward to do shopping with her as we always did in the past be it in the Philippines or in another country.

I'm really excited! I promise to give you more updates later.

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Liz Hinds said...

Hi Nina, I saw your comment on my blog where I'd written about the murder of a karaoke singer in Manila. I'm really sorry you were offended by it. I meant no insult to the Philippines; I was mostly amused at the reference to the Sinatra song. I'm sure the Philippines are beautiful and I have no knowledge of violence there. As I said, i just noted it in my blog because I was intrigued by the karaoke aspect. Sorry!